Barky Park @ Dirok

Barky Park was born from an idea we had over a few beers one night where we discussed wanting to create a space for our beloved dogs, that we could share with like-minded dog parents. We wanted a space for our pups to run free, practice recall, play on agility equipment, and have a good old sniff around in a safe environment where we wouldn’t need to worry about them being off lead getting lost or worse……

Dirok caravan and motorhome site in Potton is home to Barky Park. It’s a private plot which is fully enclosed by stock fencing with horse wire, which is perfect for dogs that can’t jump over 4ft!

We’ve got dog parents covered too! Come and see us at ‘Libby the Cafévan’, where you can grab a drink and a snack while watching your pooch.

Have fun!!!